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St John's Charity Golf Day 2015

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On 30 September 2015 Paragon Costs took part in the St John’s Charity Golf Day in aid of the charity organisation 'action against medical accidents' (AvMA). Paragon Costs were one of seven teams who took part in the 18-hole golf event. Other teams who took to the action included the hosts St John's Chambers, Withy King LLP and Davies and Partners.


The Paragon Costs team was made up of Nicholas Lee, Claire Tomlin, Rowena Edwards and Mark Holloway. Knowing they would be up against some tough competition, the Paragon team invested their time in some golf-tutoring lessons and took to the driving range in preparation for the event.

It wasn’t too cold and the sun was out which made it a fine day for all. Despite some strong wind at times which made the golf that much more difficult, the golfers’ spirits and determination remained high as they made their way round the 18-hole course.


After an exciting and competitive day of golf the day began to draw to an end, although not before announcing the winning team.


The winners of St John’s Charity Golf Day 2015 were ARAG. Very close behind in second place were St John’s Chambers. Both teams demonstrated some cracking golf.


Paragon Costs were sponsors of the event and St John’s Chambers no doubt raised some important donations for such a worthy cause.


The event was a massive success and hopefully St John's Chambers put together and host another Golf Day Event in 2016. The golf course location provides for an amazing view, a great day out of the office and a chance to get involved in some “friendly” golf for a worthy cause. Paragon would recommend the event to any firm or business to get involved in.


For more details on the charity AvMA please visit their website at