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Court Fees Increase Again

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As of the 25th July 2016, civil Court Fees have changed again. This follows the outcome of a public consultation on proposals to revise the fees launched on 22nd July 2015. These changes range from the reduction of issue and hearing fees for low value Residential Property matters in the Property Chamber from £100 and £200 respectively to one £20 fee, to increasing the fee for an appellant filing an appeal questionnaire from £465 to £1,199. The vast majority of the fees affected, however, have been increased by 10% - including all of the fees for requesting a Detailed Assessment for bills of costs , including where the Claimant was legally aided, and the fees for both requesting a default costs certificate and requesting to set aside a default costs certificate. In total, 48 fees have been increased. All applications made on or after 25th July 2016 using the old fees will be returned unless paid via PIBA. 

You can find a summary of the relevant increases here.