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The nature of the relationship between a solicitor, a Litigation Friend and a Claimant

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The issue of whether a CFA entered into by a Litigation Friend on behalf of a protected party could be adopted by a subsequent Litigation Friend or whether the second Litigation Friend needed to enter into a new agreement was addressed recently in the case...

Is the new format Bill of Costs saga reaching its conclusion?

  • Posted

Practitioners will be relieved to note that the ongoing saga in respect of the introduction of the new Bill of Costs looks likely to be reaching its conclusion with a new Bill of Costs most likely to be mandatory for all detailed assessments commenced from 1...

Part 36 case law update

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The two recent cases discussed below are cases which examine CPR Part 36 and the Court’s discretion therein. Summers v Bundy [2016] EWCA Civ 126 The recent Court of Appeal Decision in Summers v Bundy concerns the application of a 10%...